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Rector’s Sabbatical

Update - 28 January 2020

I began by studying a course on ‘Creation and the Gospel’ at Regent Theological College in Vancouver. This explored the centrality of caring for creation from a theological perspective and how this is worked out in our daily lives. Taught by a leading theologian and members of A Rocha, I was challenged and inspired. I enjoyed meeting other students and using the fantastic library. I also visited two churches.

Despite what Vancouverites called “Snowmaggedon”, I managed to fly to Portland to visit Bridgetown church. “Time” magazine described Portland as “...the most irreligious city in America”. In this context and faced with issues of poverty and homelessness despite a thriving economy, the church was planted 10 years ago. It has an intentional focus on discipleship and is flourishing. I enjoyed meeting with members of their leadership and attending services and events.

Following time in rainy Seattle, I’m excited to fly to Rio to visit Christ Church, the Anglican Church that our parish helps to support. I will take a service, help in their holiday club and share in mission work in poorer areas. It will be a wonderful opportunity to learn as well as to deepen our links.

Rev. Richard Jones